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Helpful Home Building Hints
Info you should know

When purchasing a new home, the first decision you need to make is picking out your lot. Besides location, there are many other things that need to be considered.

As your builder, I believe that an informed buyer is a smart buyer. Please read through each of these items so that you are better educated while we together move forward with the many decisions:

~ Tree Removal ~ This can be an expense that you want to consider. The cost will depend on the size and amount of trees and shrubs that need to be cleared from the lot. Please know that most trees within 30’ of the home will die.

~ Lot Elevation ~ We may need to bring extra dirt in or haul extra dirt out on any lot. That is not figured in the standard home budget. Terrain that drops off or climbs steeply or angles from one side to another will require an extra cost in foundation and framing and deck work. The lot may require a basement with a walkout or may need to be a daylight basement. Generally, a walkout will cost more than a daylight. The greater the elevation change the more the cost.

~ Subdivision Covenants ~ Every subdivision has different covenants. We simply cannot have our standard home to meet all of them, thus in some subdivisions there might be extras on amount of brick/stone, square footage on a home, roof pitch, mailbox requirements, type of siding, curb cut, etc. We will help you sort through those covenants and give you a quote for the additional work.

~ City Permits and Fees ~ Not all fees are the same. While a fixed permit fee is figured in our home pricing, some towns like St. John have doubled their permit fee. This would be extra to the contract. Some towns might require items above code, for example, requiring conduit for electrical wiring which could add up to $5,000 of extra cost.

~ Curb Cut ~ Some subdivisions require it in order to put in your driveway. In other cases it might be desired by the buyer to have less of a bump at the curb. This fee can be handled by us.

~ Misc. Additional Items ~ Septic and Well: Most subdivisions have public utilities but areas that do not have them would require a septic and well system. These would be extras. Lot Drainage: In some rare cases a retaining wall or special landscape feature might be needed to direct stormwater away from neighboring properties or hold soil to a certain elevation.

Not All Lots Are Created Equal